Monday, August 9, 2010

What I'm excited about and what gives me hives

Dear one and a half readers:

And now for a list:

Things I'm not excited about:

1. Revisions! Ba da bing. I could say I'm thrilled to do revisions and the words flow right off my fingers with perfectly formed sentences, but I would be lying. I do like the after-glow though, so yay.

2. The 200 mosquito bites all over my legs. Don't ask.

3. Writing two novels at once. A novel and a series, actually. Well, I'm sort of excited, but mostly scared to death and ready to dive under the covers with a bag of Skittles and a bottle of tequila.

Things I'm very excited about:

1. Revisions! Yes, I'm Schizo. I mean, sometimes revising for the three-hundreth time is fun. Plus, if it makes the novel better, then I'm all over it.

2. I've lost another three pounds. Yee ha. I'm not fat, but I have this sick, sick goal of wanting to be a just a bit underweight, so then I can eat here and there and not feel disgusting if I've gained a few pounds. I'm sorry. I know it's completely wrong.

3. My Ipad. It makes me happy, okay?

3a. The $101 refund I just received from ebay for the enormously over-sized fake sneakers from China.

4. The YA series I'm writing that Super-Nova Agent, Catherine, just loves. It's super-secret and promises to kick ass. I don't exaggerate. I'll reveal the name of it in another post. Oh, but then it won't be secret. Hmm. Must. Think.

5. WriteonCon, starting tomorrow. Yippers. I'll be lurking, but I'm excited about this great online conference organized by Elana Johnson, Laura and Lisa Roecker and many other brilliant authors who I know and others I'm hoping to get to know. Plus, Super-Nova agent will be making an "appearance."

Here's a description of the really cool happenings from the website:

WriteOnCon is an online writer's conference for kidlit writers. For more details you can check our about page. Write On Con will take place Tuesday – Thursday, August 10 – 12, 2010.
Interested in working with the writers of WriteOnCon for the conference? Check out our contact page. Finally, if you have any questions, hop on over to our FAQ section or shoot us an email at writeoncon at gmail dot com.

And a link to the schedule in case you need more convincing, but I know you don't:

Well, I have to keep this one short, people. Gotta write that rock-the-publishing-world-series, you know! So do tell: what are you looking forward to?

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