Friday, August 6, 2010

Book Cover Land

 I came across this fascinating article by Elizabeth Bluemle in PW Shelf Talker about book covers, a favorite topic over here in Fictionistaville.

In it, YA author, Nancy Werlin, (I'm fan-girling here!), gives us the actual exchange she had with her editor and designers about the cover for her upcoming novel, EXTRAORDINARY. It's fun to watch the process. Read it and see what you think. I knew my favorite from the moment I saw it.

Here's the final cover. Totally stunning isn't it? I love it. I'm a cover whore, though, so give me anything and I'll pretty much love it. The scrolly font of the book title isn't something I usually like, but in this case it really works. Anyway, check out the above link. 

Oh, I just realized you needed to see how pretty the first book in the series is and how well these two go together. Ta Da! Below the green one is the first one. I hope Nancy Werlin doesn't mind me showing these.

Still do read the article. You'll see how an editor, author and publishing house think when coming up with covers.

Don't they make you want to frolick in your prom dress in a field somewhere and drink a wine? The only problem in real life is that designer dresses and heals can get banged up when it's sweltering hot, and crickets and ticks and are waiting to leap into your hair.

But, hey, it's fiction and that's why we love it.
Congratulations on your beautiful covers, Nancy.     

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