Thursday, July 10, 2008

China cabinets r us

Okay, I'm in the market for a china cabinet and I'm not having much luck. Why? Because A. I either I find garbaaaaaaaage, or B. pieces that require ten mortgage payments and a kidney. What about in-between, dear, darling Furniture Sales Industry? Where is MY furniture? I'm not dripping in money, but I can spend a bit, yet my dollars do not seem to be able to find a home. Yes, you heard that correctly. I can't find anyone to take my money. It's amazing. Amazing. How, how, how does the furniture industry stay afloat beyond making crate-like, zero-personality pieces for the masses and selling them through stores that advertise via really dumb, loud commercials on TV? And while I'm ranting, please stop with the snotty attitudes. You sell furniture. Well, if anyone from the furniture industry ever reads this, thank you for saving me thousands of dollars. Does Target make china cabinets?

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