Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's been a while

Bet you thought I fell into a well (what would I find there?). Well, I didn't, but I did fall into another time zone for eight days. Yes, EIGHT DAYS WITH THE PARENTS. Que music from Psycho, please. Okay, whew. I'm okay. Really. And they are too--1000 miles away with email and cell phones, the perfect scenario. Oh, sure, we had fun, but don't even get me started on all the incidents and scenarios that made me feel like I was 12 again. I didn't get any writing done, either, but I played with the dog, had coffee at Starbucks with my dad, shopped with my mother and generally just left my brain somewhere on my airplane seat. Because if I had dragged my brain along, it would have had opinions and opinions are dangerous at my house, especially when I am being double-teamed. So I spent eight glorious days pretending I was mute. I'm a good nodder, too. Bobble-head, anyone? Finally, kiss, kiss, hug, hug, I returned home to the arms of my hubbie and the disgusted blank stare of my computer. "Where the hell have you been, beyotch? Get back to work." And I'm listening. So how was your summer?

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